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Posted on Mar 11, 2015 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Armchair General May 2015 – The End of the Civil War

Armchair General May 2015 – The End of the Civil War

By Armchair General

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  • BATTLE STUDIES Braddock’s Defeat, 1755. British disaster in the French and Indian War propelled the rise of a young American colonel – George Washington. By Chuck Lyons
  • SPECIAL FEATURE Glory’s End. A revealing look at the desperate situation Confederate General Robert D. Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia faced in the final days of the Civil War. By Ralph Peters
  • BONUS ARTICLE The Great War’s Killing Technology. Evolution of World War I Small Arms. by Peter Suciu
  • BATTLEFIELD LEADER General Eichelberger’s Pacific War. Douglas MacArthur’s best general won decisive campaigns against Japan. By Richard N. Armstrong
  • CRISIS WATCH Insights on today’s events by strategist Ralph Peters
  • MAILBAG Letters to Armchair General®
    • COMBAT! Free French Infantry Squad Attack, 1945. Can YOU Choose the correct plan for a Free French infantry squad to attack German defenders in France? By Jerry D. Morelock.
    • YOU COMMAND Israel’s War of Independence, 1948. As Major Moshe Dayan, YOU must lead outnumbered Israeli defenders to defeat a powerful Arab attack on the new nation of Israel. By Andrew H. Hershey
    • YOU COMMAND SOLUTION Marines at Pusan Perimeter, Korea, 1950. Historical outcome and winning Reader Solutions to Combat Decision Game #66, January 2015 issue.
    • WHAT NEXT, GENERAL? Giap at Dien Bien Phu, 1954. As Vietnamese commander Vo Nguyen Giap, can YOU outwit your French opponent and win the decisive battle of the First Indochina War? By Richard N. Armstrong

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  1. How can read the magazine online if I am not a current subscriber?

    • Only a few select articles from Armchair General were ever posted online, Lindsay; reading the magazine required a print subscription. Sadly, the magazine ceased publication with the May 2015 issue, although the website continues. Most back issues (print only) are available from the online store on our partner site, HistoryNet.

  2. I wish to extend my most sincere appreciation for your magazine. I’ve purchased almost every issue ever produced, and ultimately subscribed (the first time ever in my 50+ years of living) to ACG two years ago. I recently renewed, and then of course received the notification that AMG was to cease publication. I suppose that in this allegedly wonderful utopoia which we are now supposedly residing in, literature in any form, which requires cognitive skills, is an endangered species. It does not compete well with the instant gratification offered by electronic gaming and entertainment venues. However, I was able to utilize AMG with my sons quite well, and turned them onto history and reading. My youngest is just now graduating high school, and EVERY history teacher he had, informed me of his engaging and prescient views of history. Thanks AMG! I’ll of course be coming to this site regularly, but will miss the AMG magazine as I would an old friend. I looked forward to my frinds visits every couple of months. Take Care.

  3. Sorry to see it go. Bought the first edition when I was in Bosnia in 2004 and became an immediate subscriber.