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Posted on Mar 29, 2011 in Stuff We Like

An Officer and a Movie on Military Channel

By Media Release

This media release about a new series on Military Channel just arrived at ACG. Pass the popcorn!

Military Channel has signed Hollywood film and television star Lou Diamond Phillips to host the new franchise AN OFFICER AND A MOVIE.  Debuting every Friday evening beginning Friday, April 1, AN OFFICER AND A MOVIE pairs Phillips with retired and active duty officers who lived through major battles or have an expertise in the conflicts depicted in notable Hollywood films.  As each film makes its Military Channel premiere, AN OFFICER AND A MOVIE provides expert commentary that can only come from being "on the ground" during the action as these officers reflect on the themes of that night’s film and also provide personal insight that puts each movie into a modern context.


"Lou Diamond Phillips is well known for his many feature films including the military movie Courage Under Fire and, as the son of a Navy officer, he is the perfect choice to interview some of the U.S. military’s most distinguished leaders," said Henry Schleiff, president and general manager, Investigation Discovery and Military Channel.  "The discussions within AN OFFICER AND A MOVIE bring an entirely new and even more realistic dimension to some of the greatest war movies of our time—from The Dirty Dozen to The Great Santini to Hart’s War—and provide valuable new information exclusively for our audience of military history buffs."

In the premiere episode on Friday, April 1 at 8 PM ET, Lou Diamond Phillips and retired Marine Col. Arthur Athens discuss the themes behind the 1979 classic film The Great Santini, starring Robert Duvall, who was nominated for an Academy Award for this role.  As the director of the U.S. Naval Academy’s Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, the former Commandant of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Athens is uniquely able to comment on what it means to be a leader in the military and within a family’s home, where in his own life he has ten children.

AN OFFICER AND A MOVIE will include Kelly’s Heroes, Hart’s War, Windtalkers, Three Kings, and The Dirty Dozen among others.  After The Great Santini, the next three premieres include:

Heartbreak Ridge — Friday, April 8 at 8 PM ET

Bridge at Remagen — Friday, April 15 at 8 PM ET

Victory — Friday, April 22 at 8 PM ET


  1. I believe that the M.H. Channel is not doing a good job with thier officer and a movie Program. they keep showing the same movies over and over again, What Gives ,There are alot more better Selections out there for War Movies,Is some one asleep at the Helm?
    I just got done recording From TMC and AMC war Movies during the
    Memorial Weekend there were over about 40 Movies combined.
    I really think they could do a better job on this, I am tired of them playing ,Play Dirty,The Great Santini,Heart Break Ridge over and over again, If they want they can Check Out (Bell And Blade) or Turner Classic Movie for Reference ,If They Want this to be a success than
    they should Select accordingly ,SGT Jay D Levine . US Army

  2. Got to agree….not only a poor selection but really repetitive…., tonight “Harts War” for the 5th time in 7 weeks, same thing with Kellys Heroes

  3. Not only are they over and over , and over, this guy, Lou Diamond Philips, is a total dud. They lead ito him by saying a VETERAN actor. B>S> He’s not a veteran, and not a very good actor either. And his final response, “what do you think of tonights movie?” is more B.S.
    This channel is not worth the price of it.

  4. what person do yall have making decisions for your programming, for gods sake get rid of the commercials every 7 minutes, i tune in to watch the movies , not commercials.

  5. Could you at sometime show the movie [Vonryon Express] staring Frank Sanotra ?—–VERY GOOD MOVIE!

  6. thank you Lou and your guest!! I look forward to a movie on Sat. in Austin Texas…..

  7. With all the war movies you have run over and over again i have never seen you air “To Hell and Back” with Audie Murphy, a story about one if not the most decorated soldier from world war two. Seems that would be a good example to show the bravery of our heros from world war two.

    • Audie was…THE MOST DECORATED VETERAN of WWII. Just thought you ought to know.

  8. I truly enjoy the program, but I have a few comments: Damn, how about more commercials??? Seems like that’s half the program. Secondly, Lou may be a heck of a guy, but when he does that “macho” stance he looks so INCREDIBLY STUPID !!! He looks like he’s trying to look like some mach guy. Lou, stop it!. Do anything else. But your posturing looks so incredibly stupid! Think you could try and find some…other…movies than the ones you’ve been playing over, and over, and over…And finally…why don’t you play a few more commercials…

    Thank you for letting me comment.

  9. I was boren with Tacoma worshington
    .i hade the best frend to tack me in for treatment I
    Was the a.r.i.c.o.r..he was
    Not.deing mean …i was tacking treatment.thay did not now how much ..radeation.i.could…ithank.of.hime.a.lottle

  10. for the most part they show comedy movies Kelly’s hero’s dirty dozen so sad it make’s fun of our veterans like we are a bunch of idiots why not show ww2 movies that at least has some kind of story to them it’s a shame that our veterans would even appear on this show this is a lame show no one like’s war but we would at least like to see how we won a war or lost a war or battle for history’s seek so we will know why this happen so we will not let this happen again but history repeat’s it’s self why on earth show the #$ when you can show better movies remember it’s the military channel not the comedy channel this really heart break’s my ridge

  11. I appreciate this opportunity to comment a second time. But the comments are pretty much the same. Way…way…way…too many commercials. PLEASE get rid of the Macho Man stance taken by Lou. He looks so stupid! How many times do I have to watch the same…movie…And a new comment: I’m not a computer-junkie. Get rid of the ARTIFICIAL computer crap. Show ORIGINAL footage. Sorry, one more new comment: I’m all for gun ownership, but how many “gun” shows can you have? SHOW ME MILITARY HISTORY !!! Thanks again.

  12. I very much enjoy the movies you show,if you dig alittle deeper you will find alot more movies worth showing.It is sad that as a viewer one has to put up with a hour Lou Diamond trying to appear like he know’s something,anyone can read a script,and that stupid stance he does on the commercial…please give me a break! It is all that talking that has forced me to STOP watching that program,get rid of Lou Diamond and all the talk and I would come back,but not until then.

  13. I would to see you do story of the 332nd fighter group. It would be nice to see an interview with one before there are none left. And keep Lou around.

  14. I would to see an interview with someone from the 332nd fighter group before they are all gone and everyone is tired of the movie. I hope you haven’t already and if so it hasn’t been to often.

  15. Lou should go, no reason for them to have him as a host- he’s not a veteran!

    secondly, there is a huge amount of war movies out there, why play the same movies over and over again?

    show some old movies from 1930’s and up,black and white who cares,
    then bring in some history buff that can make comments, like tcm does
    and cut commercials down to a zero and show more movies instead.
    I guarantee your ratings will go up!