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Posted on May 28, 2014 in History News

America’s Oldest Newspaper Dedicates May to Military History Coverage

America’s Oldest Newspaper Dedicates May to Military History Coverage

By Media Release

Headline and logo shown above are property of The Hartford Courant newspaper.

Over the Memorial Day weekend we received a media release from The Hartford Courant in Connecticut, America’s oldest continually published newspaper. In recognizing its 250th year of bringing news of the day to its readers, The Courant dedicated the month of May to historical warfare coverage. We checked it out and found stories about Isaac Putnam in the Revolutionary War, Sgt. Stubby the hero canine of World War I, an article about an Iraq War veteran and much more. It took some effort to stop reading articles and get back to work. The release said in part:

“The Hartford Courant has been bringing home stories of war, defeat and victory since the nation’s first conflicts. From profiles of individual soldiers, to tracing the history of battlefield honors; from uncovering unsung heroes to identifying secret war planning venues, The Courant has reported on it all — and would love to share it with you and your readers.


Here is a link to access the stories and image galleries that The Hartford Courant has been sharing with its readers this month:”