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Posted on Dec 11, 2006 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

ACG WebOps (3-9 December 2006)

Jim H. Moreno

Welcome to WebOps, Armchair General’s weekly recon of links to military history news, articles, websites, and more. This week, WebOps has culled together the stories that honored and remembered the 65th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor last week, along with news about Auschwitz, military history graphic novels, and the recovery of a World War Two era Halifax bomber in Poland.  Clicks away!


Keeping history alive –

"As military veterans who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor gather in Honolulu for what many describe as their last hurrah, a younger generation stands ready to carry on their legacy and preserve the memory of the thousands who perished on that infamous day."


Pearl Harbor Memorial Event Inspired By Life Of Coats Veteran –

"A son whose father was a Pearl Harbor survivor is making sure the attack will not only live in infamy, but live in the minds of the many who are too young to remember World War II."

Graphic history … is here to stay –

"Just when you get used to the term "graphic novel" to describe what is essentially a thick comic book, here comes "graphic history." Thanks to the recently published "9/11 Report" done in graphic form, and now to a new line of military histories in comic terms, it looks like the term is here to stay."

Black history comes to life at Thomasville museum –

"Walking through the entrance during the grand opening meant residents were walking into a moment in history. From here on, they’ll be able to talk about what they saw on the walls of Thomasville’s first museum dedicated to black history."

Death camp site to be renovated – Yahoo! News

"The International Auschwitz Council agreed Tuesday to modernize a 51-year-old exhibition at the site of the Nazi death camp and build walls to prevent the ruins of gas chambers from sinking into the ground."

Museum to add history –

"The museum has announced a $12 million capital campaign to add a Military History Center and additional storage and maintenance space to the current museum, about doubling its size."

AHEC improves Web site to attract civilian users – The Sentinel Online

"Find out what’s happening at the Army Heritage and Education Center by looking at its new Web site at"

Diary of soldier on the Western Front –

"The heart-rending diary of a British soldier was sold at auction yesterday, 90 years after it was written in the mud of Flanders."


History firsthand –

"Mary North doesn’t know what moved her late husband, Jim, to begin chronicling his military experiences in October 1941.  Jim North, a native of Cheboygan who died in 1988, didn’t keep a journal before that, and he didn’t record his experiences after 1945. But for four perilous years, Wallace James North recorded glimpses of a world war for posterity to see."

Survivors honor Pearl Harbor victims – Yahoo! News

"One by one, aging survivors from ships sunk 65 years ago Thursday in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor laid wreaths under life preserver rings honoring their ships."

Pearl Harbor veterans remember day –

"Sixty-five years ago today, just before 8 a.m., William Hewitt had just finished eating breakfast on his military base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii."

Pearl Harbor survivor witnesses history — twice – MSNBC

"For Leavelle, Pearl Harbor would be only the first of two Sundays that would change his life, and the course of American history."

One Last Mission for Ship Sunk in Pearl Harbor Attack –

"For 65 years, the wreck of the USS Arizona has been leaking oil from its grave at the bottom of Pearl Harbor, staining the water, visitors often say, as if it were the ship’s blood."

Details of attack still vivid for USS Arizona veterans –

"Pearl Harbor survivor Lonnie Cook remembers completing his morning shower in the forward section of the battleship USS Arizona and returning to his locker just before the Japanese began their attack."

Pear Harbor Vets Reconcile in Hawaii –

"Sixty-five years ago, Takeshi Maeda and John Rauschkolb tried to kill each other at Pearl Harbor. This week, now both 85, they met face-to-face for the first time — and shook hands."

On Pearl Harbor Day, a move to expand Texas memorial –

"Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is always a major event in the hometown of World War II Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Chester Nimitz."

Brandon recalls service in Pacific – Shelbyville Times-Gazette

"James Brandon had just lowered his 20-millimeter gun for reloading. His two loaders had finished the job and Brandon, the third member of the crew, was preparing to raise the gun back up when he caught a Japanese pilot in his sights. The plane was so close that Brandon could see horn-rimmed glasses behind the pilot’s goggles."

Father Of Tulsa Man Had Front Row Seat On History –

"One Tulsa man’s father had a front-row seat on history during the start of World War II. George Dany Jr. works at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. His dad, George Dany Sr., was on his way to Washington DC when Pearl Harbor was attacked and wound up having dinner with President Franklin D. Roosevelt."

Historic aircraft wreckage unearthed in Poland – Leader-Post

"The wreckage of a Second World War aircraft flown by a Canadian crew on a secret mission to Nazi occupied Poland in 1944 has been unearthed from a muddy field near Krakow, Poland, exposing bones, personal belongings and other reminders of their heroic but illfated bid to supply insurgents during the Warsaw Uprising."

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Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

Jim H. Moreno

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