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Posted on Oct 14, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

ACG WebOps (14 October 2007)

Jim H. Moreno

Welcome to WebOps, Armchair General’s weekly recon of links to military history news, articles, websites, and more. This month’s Military History Carnival has arrived, along with new revelations about Hitler and the Knights Templar, and still more military history news this week. Clicks away!


Patriotic Freedom day: Broadview students hear about military history, honor vets –

At a Patriotic Freedom Day celebration Monday, the 170 students of Broadview School not only honored veterans, but they also did them the honor of listening closely to their stories.


The secrets of Hitler’s postbag revealed –

The letters plot the rise of the ambitious young politician from town hall provocateur to the helm of the German state, and include messages from supporters as well as from Angela Raubal, his elder half-sister.

Fort Hunt’s Quiet Men Break Silence on WWII –

The group of World War II veterans kept a military code and the decorum of their generation, telling virtually no one of their top-secret work interrogating Nazi prisoners of war at Fort Hunt.

Knights Templar win heresy reprieve after 700 years – Yahoo! News

The Knights Templar, the medieval Christian military order accused of heresy and sexual misconduct, will soon be partly rehabilitated when the Vatican publishes trial documents it had closely guarded for 700 years.

Spain to remove all symbols of Franco –

Spain is to ban all public references to the Franco regime under a controversial Bill that seeks to make amends to the victims of the Spanish Civil War and ensuing 36-year dictatorship.


Thompson Files: Best military aircraft – Space War

The most successful aircraft in the history of military aviation isn’t a supersonic fighter or a stealthy bomber: It is a propeller-driven cargo plane called the C-130 Hercules that has evolved into more variants than any other fixed-wing plane ever built.

Artist keeps Airmen’s legacy alive – Hattiesburg American

The history of the Tuskegee Airmen will forever have a place in the halls of some the nation’s most prestigious military museums, thanks to a McComb native who now calls Hattiesburg home.


Hiatus for military museum –

The Kentucky Military History Museum, in the Old State Arsenal in Frankfort, will close temporarily for upgrades beginning Tuesday.

Opinion – Editorial

Gordon Brown’s Wrong Move on Iraq – The Heritage Foundation

Retreat is not a word that features prominently in the lexicon of British military history. Over the last 200 years, Great Britain has waged more wars and won more conflicts than any other nation in the world.


Last S.C. airman in famous WWII attack dies at 88 – The State

Maj. Nolan Herndon of Edgefield — a member of World War II’s Doolittle Raiders, who bombed Tokyo and other Japanese cities in retaliation for the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor — died Sunday. He was 88.

Blogs – Netcasts

The Most Dangerous Man in Europe – Military History Podcast

"The Most Dangerous Man in Europe" was how Eisenhower described Otto Skorzeny, Nazi Germany’s most famous commando and special operations leader.

Military History Carnival 7 – vAirminded

The First Abdication – The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast #29

As 1814 begins, Napoleon is surrounded by problems following the Battle of Leipzig, but he still has some fight left in him. In this nearly two hour long episode, David takes us through the failed peace talks, The Six Day War, the betrayal of Murat, Ney and the surrender of Paris, Napoleon being a mere four hours too late to save his city from being turned over to the enemy by his brother Joseph.

WebOps is a weekly report linking to military history news and articles published in mainstream online media. Excerpts are taken exactly as they are on the noted source websites; quotation marks are not used. The hyperlinks are added by me as I can find them. Please visit the Armchair Forums to discuss the topics in WebOps. If you just can’t wait until Sunday for the next WebOps, plug yourself into the new Armchair General WebOps feed and get each link as its posted!

Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

Jim H. Moreno