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Posted on Jan 7, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

ACG WebOps (1-6 January 2007)

Jim H. Moreno

Welcome to WebOps, Armchair General’s weekly recon of links to military history news, articles, websites, and more. In this, the first article of 2007, I bring you military history related news about Tempelhof, LST 325, the Central Jersey Military Motor Pool group, and a look ahead at an upcoming History Channel show to watch. Clicks away!


Future of Historic Airport Has Berlin Divided Again –

Tempelhof airport, the hub of the 1948-1949 Berlin Airlift, is tentatively scheduled to close in October 2008, unless the city can decide and agree on a way to redevelop the third largest building in all of Europe.


History big gun moves to National Museum – The Australian

Former Australian War Memorial chief historian Peter Stanley is taking over the head of Research position at the National Museum of Australia.


The History News Network has announced the winners of The Cliopatria Awards 2006.


Historian offers war perspective –

Brig. Gen. John Mountcastle (Ret.), the U.S. Army’s former chief of military history, shares his views on history and its’ relation to the current Global War on Terrorism.

Group preserving military history one vehicle at a time – Courier News Online

Founded in 2004, The Central Jersey Military Motor Pool consists of Military Vehicle Owners and Enthusiasts who enjoy not only sharing their MV’s with the public, but also sharing the history related to them. (from website)

Ship’s mate: Teen help keeps LST history alive –

Keith Mosby, a young Evansville, Indiana resident and volunteer at LST 325, has been awarded honorary member status for his impressive dedication and interests.


Curator at Joliet historical museum – Chicago Sun-Times

"Walt Keener was a student of history, especially military history."

Books – Movies – TV

Man’s stories to be featured on cable’s History Channel – The Daily Nonpareil Online

Tune in to "The Lost Evidence" on January 12 to see Charles Radford and other veterans of the 133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th "Red Bull" Division tell of their experiences in North Africa.

Local author pens book about Civil War in Fairfax County –

""Civil War in Fairfax County: Civilians and Soldiers" is the newest book by Herndon resident and prolific writer Charles V. Mauro."

Blogs – Netcasts

The Journal of Military History – American Civil War Gaming & Reading

"Focusing on new American Civil War wargames, scenarios, mods, playtesting, game & book publishers, current books being read, research, and anything else in the life of a Civil War buff."

Operation Bodenplatte – about: Military History

"On January 1, 1945, during the Battle of the Bulge, the German airforce launched a major offensive against Allied air bases in the Low Countries of Europe. Every available combat aircraft (some 900 fighters and fighter-bombers) was scrambled for the surprise attack. The Germans succeeded in damaging or destroying approximately 460 Allied aircraft (many on the ground) – but the price of victory would cripple the Luftwaffe for the remainder of the war. Nearly 240 pilots were killed, missing, or captured including a number of high ranking commanders – the largest single-day loss for the Luftwaffe."

Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

Jim H. Moreno

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