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Posted on Feb 16, 2006 in Admin

ACG Membership

By Armchair General

Why become a member of the Armchair General Community?

When you become a member of our community, you gain admittance into a friendly and active online destination – with discussions ranging from articles in the magazine, events happening around the world today, the latest war and strategy game titles, as well as 1000’s of other topics.  We have several thousand active members who love to discuss and debate these issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we always have room for one more.  If the news happened today…it is probably being debated this very minute!

When you are a member you will have access to participate in trivia, view military and strategy game images, take polls, and roam free across any of our discussion topics and write responses or create your own discussions. This can be something as serious as asking about some research into military history, or as casual as asking other members to play head-to-head in the latest video game.  As a non-member you will be limited to reading only – but you are more than welcome to browse as our guest.


Membership is free, you won’t have to divulge any personal information, and all you will need is an email address to join up.  Joining will also help you stay up to date on recent articles on our website, learn about upcoming tournaments for games, and generally stay current with the Armchair General community – even if you can’t be there regularly to participate.  You have nothing to lose!

Join the Armchair General community.


Here are some of the major topics you can join in when you come on board;

The Introductions Forum – Where you can start your tour of duty by saying hello.

The Armchair General Magazine Forum – Discussions about articles and topics related to the magazine.

The Military History Forums – Here we discuss several eras of military history.

The Games Forum – Boardgames, Video Games, and all other types of games are discussed here.


Forums FAQ:

What is a "forum." – Our community is made of up a collective of subject categories (WW2, Boardgames, Marketplace, etc.), each of which is displayed as a "forum" within our community.  When you combine all of them together, they are collectively called "the forums."

How hard is it to join the forums?  I’m not very good with computers. – No problem!  As long as you can fill out your email address and a few simple text boxes, you will have no problems at all.  Once you join, simply look for the discussion you’d like to join, and either hit the "Post Reply" button to join an ongoing discussion, or the "New Thread" button if you want to start a new topic.  Easy!

Is there anything else I should know before joining?  – Only that we are looking forward to sharing disucssions about military history and strategy with you.  If you have any problems at all, please contact us and we’ll help you sort through it.  We’re here to help.

Welcome to Armchair General!

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  1. I was a member two years ago and have forgotten my username and password, I think my user name was RadioResearch or RRCUV