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Posted on Jul 18, 2007 in Armchair Reading

ACG Magazine September 2007 Links

Armchair General


Editor’s Letter on Leadership

Slim’s postwar leadership lecture (part 1 – 66mb mp3 file) (part 2 – 27mb mp3 file)

Dispatches (Page 14)

PBS – The War

Norwich University

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Armed Forces Support Foundation


Gear (Page 21)



Black & Decker

Swiss Tech

Crown Point

How They Fought – Woman ATA Pilot (Page 22)

British Airways Museum

BBC – WW2 People’s War

Command Decisions – MacArthur’s Inchon Gamble (Page 28)

Battle of Inchon – Wikipedia

Operation Chromite

What Next General? Decision in Burma (Page 46) and Slim of Burma (Page 52)

Wikipedia link

Burma Star Association

Slim, Master of War: Burma and the Birth of Modern Warfare

He Came to Win (Page 70)

Wikipedia link

Achtung Panzer!

Command Dossier – Andrew Jackson (Page 78)

Wikipedia link


Weapon Files – American Long Rifle (Page 80)

American Long


Spy Wars – Eli Cohen (Page 84)

Wikipedia Link

Game Buzz (Page 86)

SSG – Developers of Battlefront

Matrix Games – Publisher of Battlefront

CDV – Publishers of War Front: Turning Point

Fantasy Flight Games – Publishers of Tide of Iron and Wings of War: Dawn of War

Strategy First – Publishers of Making History: The Calm and the Storm

Video Game Revew (Page 88)

ARMA Combat Operations

Eidos – Publishers of Battlestations: Midway

Wargame Review (Page 90)

Paradox – Developer and Publisher of Europa Universalis III

Europa Universalis 3

Matrix Games – Publisher of Forge of Freedom

Western Civilization Software – Developer of Forge of Freedom

DVD Library (Page 94)


Veterans History Project


World in Conflict

Armed Forces Journal


Fox News Channel


ARMA Combat Operations

Civilian Markmanship Program

Muscle Builder

Norwich University

Jim Werbaneth Wargame Design

Battle Scene Productions

Insurance for Military Collectibles

War in the Pacific

CDV – Attack on Pearl Harbor

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