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Posted on Aug 17, 2006 in Armchair Reading

ACG just keeps on improving and improving, where is the limit of your exellence???

By Nelson Cook

Hello, it’s Nelson Cook from Finland.

I must say that after reading the July issue, I was really impressed. The game reviews were the best so far (I intend to get the pc/strat game ‘Anglo-German war 39-45’ on the basis of your review. All the articles were good, but the one that really took my fancy was the new in-depth article about the pacific ww2 US losses and the myths about McArthur having had smaller losses than Nimitz. I wish that all kinds of innovative subjects will appear in ‘HISTORY IN DEPTH’.

Perhaps some air war stuff now that the Air subject has finally got a foot in the door with the interesting (I could have read much more, but I understand that page amount is an issue for your mag) Doolittle article? Or, a similar but more specific analysis on why the 3rd Armoured US div got the most losses in the ETO, and also the follow up’s that were mentioned swiftly in a previous issue, compared with the Brit-Canadian-Polish and Free French div’s, it would make an interesting study, or just a study on a campaign with all these units, and see how their style of doing things varied…


Now that I got the new Sept issue, I noticed that Monty had finally made it to print! Having played the devils advocate on the ACG web forums about the US perception about Monty, I haven’t read the article yet. I’m saving it to last, but I thank you again, you gave a good account of Zhukov with the fearless title of ‘The man who won WW2?´, fearless from an American magazine, a country who after all was in a long cold war against the Russians, it was a brave article to write IMHO, and proved that the ACG ‘gang’ truly love history and do not get politicized on past issues. It’s good that the mostly US based readers get more info on the other players in the defeat of Hitler, even if it meant having to hold hands with a dictator of almost as bad qualities.

Well, I thank you, and being half British, I thank you that the Brit contribution in ww2 and Korea has been brought to the attention of younger US readers. As an aviation fan, I would love a good article on the air war of ww2, or the evolving air power factor and how it has changed war in general, or anything about props, jets and those brave ‘few’ of all sides!

Thanks so much, your mag just gets better and better! The sky is the limit!

And air war is what takes place in the sky, yes? (:

Yours truly:

Nelson Cook
Helsinki, Finland.