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Posted on Aug 22, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

AAR: Theatre Of War

By Thomas Lund Kiilerich

Poland, September 1st, 1939

Germany has attacked our sovereign nation; I’ve been put in command of a hastily thrown together taskforce which has been ordered to block the German advance down one of the few good roads in the area. At both sides of the highway my men have been busy preparing several trench lines; unfortunately there was no time to prepare any gun positions as the guns have just arrived.

My force consists of 1 ATR squad, 1 Infantry squad, 2 Bofors 37mm AT guns, 2 75mm Field guns and an armoured car. I’ve been promised reinforcements are on the way.


I have ordered my infantry squad to take up positions on the left side of the highway, and 20 meters behind the trench line I have emplaced one of the 37mm AT guns. On the right side of the highway the ATR squad is ordered to occupied the other trench line, they also have one 37mm AT gun directly behind their position. All my infantry is armed with the excellent 7.92mm Kb wz98, the exception is Corporal Zygmunt Kucharski who’s been equipped with the excellent 7.92mm Kb ppancwz35 ATR.

My two 75mm field guns and the armoured car are in position 370 meters behind the ATR squad, in a reversed slope position; they’ll stay here out of sight until the enemy attack materializes.

Suddenly all birds seem to go quiet, the dogs in the village stop barking and the only sound that can be heard is a low rumbling in the distance. I get a report that 3 low flying bombers are approaching from the N, at the same time both AT guns report tanks moving towards our position on both sides of the highway.

All units are ordered to hold their position and hold their fire, we don’t want to give our position away just yet.

Both field guns are at the same time ordered to move forward to their firing position on the hill.

The bombers drop their ordinance in the village behind our position without doing any harm. My AT gunners have now identified the 3 tanks as a Pz II and 2 PZ I’s, how foolish of the enemy commander to advance them without infantry support! We’ll make them pay for this mistake.

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