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Posted on May 4, 2005 in Carlo D'Este, Front Page Features

The Triumph and Tragedy of George S. Patton, Jr.: The Slapping Incidents in Sicily

Feared by enemies, immortalized in movies, and one of the best generals ever; But one slap almost ended it all! Famed historian Carlo D'Este, who has recently joined the ACG team as Consulting Historian, provides this exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at George S. Patton, Jr.'s infamous "slapping incidents" as his inaugural contribution of what is a new monthly feature.

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Posted on Apr 21, 2005 in Books and Movies, Front Page Features

Downfall (aka Der Untergang) – Movie Review

Set during the final explosive days of the Third Reich, Downfall is an epic depiction of the fall of Nazi Germany and the end of Hitler's reign of terror in Europe. Written and Produced in Germany itself by Bernd Eichinger, the film is a graphic depiction of the collapse of law and order within Berlin, and the final headlong journey to insanity and suicide undertaken by the Nazi Fuhrer.

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