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Posted on Nov 29, 2012 in Boardgames

Fortress America – Boardgame Review

The boardgame 'Fortress America' is back, with most of what made it a classic still intact, plus some new rules and playing pieces. Instead of an all-night marathon, the game is now a 10-turn sprint to control cities.

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Posted on Nov 7, 2012 in Boardgames

Samurai Battles – Boardgame Review

'Samurai Battles' board game is an instant classic. Actually two games in one, it comes with 122 snap-together models, Konstantin Krivenko's 'Art of Tactics' rules, and Richard Borg's 'Commands and Colors' rules.

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Posted on Oct 24, 2012 in Boardgames

Reds! – Boardgame Review

The 'Reds!' boardgame about Russia's civil war, 1918 - 1921, uses variable turn sequences and special events effectively to create tension, and there are a plethora of unit types including armored trains and early tanks.

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Posted on Oct 22, 2012 in Boardgames

Steel Wolves – Boardgame Review

'Steel Wolves' is a solitaire boardgame covering the submarine campaigns in the North Atlantic, Caribbean, South Atlantic, and even 'round the Horn of Africa to the Indian Ocean. Some scenarios can be played in half an hour, while others last up to 176 turns.

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Posted on Oct 15, 2012 in Boardgames

Panzer – Boardgame Review

The 'Panzer' boardgame is a new, improved version of the Yaquinto Games classic about tactical warfare on the Eastern Front of World War II. With its two expansions, players can simulate any small-unit action from Barbarossa to Gotterdammerung.

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Posted on Oct 11, 2012 in Boardgames

Dungeon Command – Miniatures Game Review

'Dungeon Command' from Wizards of the Coast is sold in warbands - sets of logically matched units - unlike its predecessor, the 'Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Game.' It plays in about an hour and offers great fantasy-battles fun.

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Posted on Oct 5, 2012 in Boardgames

Red Winter – Boardgame Review

The boardgame 'Red Winter: The Soviet Attack at Tolvajärvi, Finland, December 8-12, 1939' is unusual in that it is a tactical-level game about the Russo-Finnish War. It's a refreshing change from the tank-charge tactics of other WWII games.

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Posted on Sep 25, 2012 in Boardgames

Day of Infamy – Boardgame Review

'Day of Infamy: The Attack on Pearl Harbor' is a throwback to the golden days when board wargames came in plastic ziplock bags, cost less than ten bucks and had simple rules. It's easy to learn and to play, with high replay and solitaire value.

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Posted on Sep 7, 2012 in Boardgames

1989: Dawn of Freedom – Boardgame Review

1989: Dawn of Freedom. Boardgame. GMT Games. Designers, Ted Torgerson & Jason Matthews. $65.00 Passed Inspection: Variant of tried-and-true Twilight Struggle system is used particularly well here. Streamlining of some game mechanics help the game to play briskly, and in general, it’s easier to teach the game to new players. Great insights on a recent period of history, with a lot of period flavor. Power Struggle element brings back welcome memories of card-driven games like Hannibal. Failed Inspection: Because of its tighter focus, 1989 doesn’t have quite the range of Twilight Struggle, and fans of TS may miss Headline Events and blowing up the world (or forcing their opponent to do so). Tiananmen Square track works, but doesn’t quite seem to fit. There are also a few minor quibbles about game tracks and icons. Any time that a designer, no matter how clever, does a game on a topic that deals with recent history, some folks are going to find themselves uncomfortable with the subject matter, regardless of how...

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