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Posted on Jul 17, 2004 in Armchair Reading

Bonus Game: Brothers by My Side

Grab the latest bonus game, Brothers by My Side, from our September issue of Armchair General magazine! The fight for Landing Zone (LZ) X-Ray and the Ia Drang campaign have received more than their fair share of Vietnam War ink. It was not only the first significant battle between the Americans and NVA, but also the first test of our new airmobile infantry.

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Posted on May 17, 2004 in Armchair Reading

Bonus Game: Omaha–Battle for the Beach

The July 2004 issue of Armchair General magazine features Mark H. Walker's Omaha: The Battle for the Beach. See if you have what it takes to fight off the beach on D-Day in this bonus board game! This game comes in the form of a PDF file and is a hex-based tabletop wargame.

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Posted on Feb 4, 2004 in Armchair Reading

Reading List for Paratroopers in WW2

Ambrose, Stephen E. (1992): Band Of Brothers; E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne From Normandy to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest c. 1992 Stephen E. Ambrose Touchstone Simon and Schuster, New York Andrews, John C. (1982):Airborne Album Volume One: Parachute test Platoon To Normandy c.1982 Phillips Publications, Williamstown, NJ Andrews, John C. (19–)Airborne Album 1943-1945: Normandy To Victory c. 19– Phillips Publications, Williamsburg NJ Autry, Jerry (1995):General William C. Lee Father of the Airborne; "Just Plain Bill" c. 1995 Airborne Press Airborne Press, Raleigh, NC Bando, Mark (1994): The 101st Airborne At Normandy c. 1994 Mark Bando Motorbooks International Osceola, WI Bando, Mark (1995): The 101st Airborne From Holland To Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest c. 1995 Mark Bando Motorbooks International Osceola, WI Bando, Mark (2000):101st Airborne; The Screaming Eagles At Normandy c. 2000 Mark Bando Motorbooks International Osceola, WI Blair, Clay (1985):Ridgeway’s Paratroopers; The American Airborne In World War II c. 1985 Clay Blair Quill William Morrow New York Breuer, William B. 91983:Drop Zone Sicily c. 1983 Presidio Press Presidio Press, Novato,...

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Posted on Jan 16, 2004 in Armchair Reading

FREE Game: Operation Iraqi Freedom

Learn more about our Operation Iraqi Freedom game as featured in the Premiere Issue of Armchair General magazine! This Mark H. Walker game is a free bonus included with our first issue. Details inside, including a downloadable VASSAL module!

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